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In Search of the Origin of Nations

(you can also order it from Amazon UK site)

by C M White (496 pages, 2003, size: 212 x 280 mm)

This book is about the true origin of all the peoples and nations in their amazing complexity and tremendous variety. The book runs like a detective story, weaving through centuries of human history; wading through thousands of texts; data is analysed and logical deduction utilised to realise the obvious conclusions.

Based on the mysterious Table of Nations found in Genesis chapter 10 of the Bible, the true origin of the races, nations and tribes have been investigated. Genesis 10 forms the basis for any serious research or discussion concerning mankind’s origin – an origin developed and guided by God Almighty Himself!

From the time of Noah and his three sons to the upheavals at the time of the Tower of Babel. From the gradually spreading forth of the sons and daughters of men to their original locations. And from those locations to their modern homelands, the modern identities of nations are explored.


Shocked by the Bible

by Joe Kovacs

(also available on the
Amazon UK site)

(224 pages, 2008, size: 236 x 160 mm)

  • Jesus said no one has gone to heaven except Himself
  • The Bible doesn't say Jesus died on a Friday or rose at sunrise
    Sunday morning
  • Christmas is not mentioned in the Bible
  • No wise men at all visited baby Jesus in a Bethlehem manger
  • The practice of decking a tree with silver and gold is actually
    condemned by God
  • Easter is not in the Bible
  • "God the Father" is never mentioned in the Old Testament
  • There were not just two of each animal aboard Noah's Ark
  • God sought to kill Moses
  • The Bible talks about sex with angels. And sex with animals
  • There's a character in the Bible called a "dumb ass"
  • The Bible calls the devil "god"
  • The worst case of hemorrhoids in history is recorded
  • Moses did not write the Ten Commandments
  • Jesus did not come to make everyone understand His message
  • The Bible tells you not to eat your dog or cat for dinner

Plus many more shocking facts revealed.


Nelson's NKJV Study Bible

(Bonded Leather)

Read the original story of King David in the Bible


King David (1985)

Richard Gere, Edward Woodward.
Director: Bruce Beresford


(The Bible Collection) (1997)

Nathaniel Parker, Jonathan Pryce, Leonard Nimoy, Sheryl Lee, Ben Daniels
Director: Robert Markowitz


David and Bathsheba (1951)

Gregory Peck, Susan Hayward
Director: Henry King


King David (People of the Bible: the Bible Through Stories and Pictures)

by Catherine Storr


King David; Trusting God for a Lifetime

by Robbie Castleman

Related Movies:

The Bible Series Box Set (2000)

4 DVDs: Genesis, Esther, Jeremiah, Solomon


The Music of the Bible Revealed

The Music of the Bible Revealed: The Deciphering of a Millenary Notation

by Suzanne Haik-Vantoura, John Wheeler (Editor), Dennis Weber (Translator)


David: Seeking God Faithfully

by Gene A. Getz,
Stephen F. Olford


David — A Biography

by Barbara Cohen

Music CD:

The Psalms of David from Kings Choir of Kings College, Cambridge, Vol. 1

Music CD:

The Psalms of David from Kings Choir of Kings College, Cambridge, Vol. 2


The Book of David — A New Story of the Spiritual Warrior and Leader Who Shaped Our Inner Consciousness

by David Rosenber



David — Power, Lust and Betrayal in Biblical Times

by Jerry M. Landay


David and Goliath

(Ages 4-8)

by Beatrice Schenk De Regniers

Pop-Up Book:

David and Goliath


By Allison Higa


David: A Man of Passion and Destiny

(Great Lives from God's Word Series, Volume 1)
by Charles R. Swindoll


David — Biblical Portraits of Power (Studies on Personalities of the Old Testament)

by Marti J. Steussy


The Brave but Gentle Shepherd — 1 Samuel 17:34–37 (Happy Day Books)

by Terry Whalin


David and Goliath

(Ages 4-8)
by Leonard Everett Fisher


David — His Life and Times — A Biographical Commentary

by Ivor C. Powell


Holy Bible Precious Moments — New King James
Version — Keepsake Edition — Violet Mist Lather

(also on Amazon UK)


New Believer's Bible NLT

Easy-to-read New Living Translation text


The Strongest Strong's Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible

The most accurate and complete Strong's ever published, the only Strong's compiled and verified by computer technology, the only truly exhaustive concordance to the KJV, and includes the most up-to-date Hebrew and Greek dictionaries for precise word studies.


Leadership Secrets of David the King

by Bon Yandian


Bing! — 1 Samuel 17:1-52 (David and Goliath)

(Ages 9-12)

by Mary Manz Simon

Pencil Fun Book:

David Becomes King

(Ages 4-8)
by Barbara Hilderbrand

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