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100 Years Since Start of World War One

Today, 4 August 2014, is a few days after 28 July, 100 years since the start of the First World War, also known, at the time, as the Great War, and as the second Thirty Years War.

So who started it and why?

From my research (which is not entirely exhaustive) it seems that it was the organisation known as the Jesuits, a part of the Catholic Church, who set in place the events to start this war. It lasted from 28 July 1914 to 15 August 1945, which is 30 years and 11.5 months. The first Thirty Years War was much earlier, and this second one was started in order to bring about a new world order.

They succeeded in removing the Kaiser from ruling Germany, as per their aims, and in bringing in socialism to much of Europe. They had already set up the Federal Reserve Bank of New York in 1913, in order to fund this Thirty Years War. We need to remember that the Titanic sank in 1912, and on board were some men who opposed the setting up of the Federal Reserve Bank, who died on the Titanic. There seems to be clear evidence that the Titanic was sunk deliberately in order to kill these rich powerful men who stood in the way of the new world order. Once they were out of the way, a new banking system could be put in place in the USA which would eventually dominate the whole world’s financial system, making the US Dollar the world’s reserve currency (replacing the British Pound Sterling).

So, after the Jesuits had set up the Federal Reserve, they could then finance their war, which started in 1914. Although there was a ceasefire and surrender of Germany on 11 November 1918, there was no official end of the war as such. Until 1939 there were still wars and fighting going on (such as the Spanish Civil War) and Germany gradually was able to rearm under the leadership of Adolf Hitler.

I believe that the Jesuits were, at that time, trying to bring about a full revival of the old Holy Roman Empire. Bible prophecy indicates that after the old Roman Empire fell, there would be another 7 revivals, the last one leading to what the Bible calls the Beast, who is accompanied by the False Prophet (also know as the second Beast). The Beast can refer to both the Empire and its Emperor. Much of that is described for us in the book of Revelation, the last book of the Bible, as well as in the book of Daniel in the Old Testament. He was a prophet who was given great visions of the end time, some of which, we are told, he was not even allowed to write down, so there are some things that we either do not know, or they were the things written about by the Apostle John in Revelation.

But the rise of Adolf Hitler was only the 6th revival of the Roman Empire, the 7th is yet to come. The Jesuits’ second Thirty Years War brought about the fulfilment of prophecy, but it was the end time. That is yet to come.
So what do we see today? The world is changing rapidly, and some people often refer to the New World Order. As we see that being brought about, consider that we must be close to the 7th and final revival of the Holy Roman Empire (which is anything but holy), which is followed by the return of Jesus Christ — something we can look forward to very much.

So as we remember the start of the Great War 100 years ago, let us remember all those who died in the war, many who were just conscripted into fighting a futile war, and the many who died from the consequences of that war.

Below are photographs of poppies laid out around the Tower of London to commemorate the start of the Great War 100 years ago.

(More on the poppies can be found at the Metro website.)

This is a good radio show online which talks about the causes of World War One: One Radio Network show with Andrew Gause

Some good books to read on this and related subjects sold at Amazon (will appear below in iframes, some browsers might not show them):

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