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Thoughts on Beating Cancer

A good friend of mine was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. She believes in alternative medicine as much as possible, herbs, natural remedies and the like. She has been to the hospital to discuss what options she has, and they can only offer a mastectomy followed by breast reconstruction. It would take away the cancer, which currently is only 35 mm wide, with only the central part being Grade 1 (i.e. dangerous but not yet life-threatening, but can develop into a more dangerous form), surrounded by DCIS (which is a non-dangerous pre-cancer mass).
But there are the natural options as well, including things like bitter apricot kernels which contain vitamin B17, a known cancer killer, and essiac tea, which a Canadian nurse used to treat cancer patients.
She has been taking the bitter apricot kernels for at least 8 years but still got cancer. She took some essiac tea, but I think the detoxing effect made her feel not so good. She might continue with it again soon.
There are plenty of other herbs she can take or is taking.
It is hard to really make an informed choice; it requires further research and in her attempts to cure herself, will she have cured herself before she is due to have the operation and even if she does, how will she know the cancer is gone? Would the hospital give her another MRI scan (or similar) to check for whether the cancer is still there or not?
We have much to consider. She has difficult choices to make. At least she has faith in God and people are praying for her.

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